On-site generation of hydrogen peroxide – when and where it is needed
  • Consumable-free - uses only water, air, and electricity
  • Fully automated - reduces hassle, labor and logistics
  • Safe and Eco-friendly – breaks down to pure water and oxygen
  • Cost effective – based on breakthrough high-efficiency H2O2 generation technology

Purification Made Simple

At HPNow, we believe that natural solutions are often the best. That is why we are introducing a novel technology solution for the on-site generation of a powerful, yet safe and eco-friendly water and air treatment agent.

Our HPGenTM on-site generation devices produce pure hydrogen peroxide where and when it is needed using only water, air and electricity as input. These can be utilized in water treatment applications ranging from irrigation, livestock, aquaculture, municipal, residential, and through to chlorine-free swimming pool, as well as in air and surface treatment applications.

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  • On-site

    Compact devices installed directly at the point of use

  • Consumable-free

    Uses only water, air and electricity

  • Safe

    Eliminates transportation and handling of hazardous chemicals

  • Cost Effective

    Reduces chemical disinfectant use and related labor

  • Easy to Use

    Automatically implements the required concentration

  • Eco-friendly

    Uses no additives or stabilizers, breaks down to pure water and oxygen.

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The markets for our HPGenTM range from agriculture, aquaculture, drinking water, swimming pools, and through to air and surface treatment in hospitals and public buildings.

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Latest news

HPNow Selected for €1.25M Phase 2 Funding by the EC’s prestigious SME Instrument

March 8, 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark – HPNow ApS has been selected for phase 2 funding by the highly-competitive Horizon 2020 SME Instrument – the EC’s leading platform supporting highly-innovative European SME’s with potential for major market impact based on strong innovation. The EC grant will be utilized towards HPGen productization and market introduction in the irrigation water treatment sector.

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